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Birdie Media Launches New Website

Birdie MediaHeadquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Birdie Media Golf Promotions offers monthly golf course advertising on a myriad of golf courses and provides promotional golf products for charity golf tournaments and corporate events. Aaron DeCarlo was looking for new solutions to improve his company’s user experience. “With the rapid expansion of our company we’ve elected to revamp our website to make it easier for customers to find and order the products they need for their golf events,” says DeCarlo, Creative Director and Co-founder of Birdie Media. “Nothing frustrates visitors more than a website that is difficult to navigate or one that is cluttered and unappealing. Our vision is to keep the focus on quality content so users understand our product offerings at a glance,” he continued.

The new site features a traditional vertical menu with stretch-fit graphics that easily conform to the many different devices that will access the information. There is a simplified interface and the site makes use of responsive design. The new website is more flexible than the former version utilizing a fluid grid concept that makes it easier for people to shop with their mobile devices. DeCarlo says the shopping experience has been improved using a products selection experience that is familiar to most users. “We’ve taken the time to expand the product descriptions and highlighted features to provide customers with more useful information so they can make a more educated choice.”

DeCarlo cites Amazon.com as inspiration for their own site. “Obviously, they have figured out how to successfully sell products online as they’ve crafted and perfected their site over the past 20 years. Their search functionality is equally as impressive as their clean interface. We want to emulate certain aspects of their site just on a much smaller scale. As our site evolves we plan to invest a lot of time and energy these next few months to get the interface right and make our products evident to people unfamiliar with our exclusive products. Any golfer who’s played in a tournament knows what typical tee box sign looks like but most aren’t yet familiar with our Birdie Banners or Birdie Caddie Cuffs so educating them on new items in addition to adapting to a new website makes it doubly challenging.”

“We’ve introduced several new innovative products to assist with sponsor advertising during golf events. Each new item needs plenty of advertising on our own site to make it clear how the product works and how it can be advantageous for their sponsors. We’re excited about this system and we plan to continue making improvements as we receive customer feedback.”