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Partnership with Wigwam Golf Resort

Birdie Media has been busy these past few months partnering with a number of golf clubs in Arizona, California, North Carolina and other states. We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with the historic Wigwam Resort in Goodyear, AZ. The Wigwam is home to three championship golf course offering a challenging experience to any level of player. The Wigwam hosts more golf tournaments per year than any other course in Arizona.

After the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company discovered that cotton extended the life of tires they purchased 16,000 acres in Arizona for cotton farming. They constructed a building known as the Organization House on the site now known as the Wigwam Resort, to offer a place for ranch suppliers to stay. Soon afterward, it was suggested that it would make a terrific place for vacationers and Goodyear executives to vacation. The Wigwam first opened its doors on Thanksgiving Day in 1929, and by 1930, the first nine-hole golf course was created as an amenity for guests. The resort has grown immensely over the past 85 years into a 331-room resort with three championship golf courses.

Today, Wigwam Golf Resort hosts many types of events and golf tournaments for both charities and professionals. Their three championship golf courses offer different challenges for each type of player. We look forward to working closely with their staff to provide a better customer experience for their golf tournaments and charity events. Birdie Media takes the extra initiative to produce more attractive tournament signage ensuring that the sponsor receives value for their donation and the proper recognition they deserve. Choose Birdie Media for your next tournament and see why more and more tournament coordinators are choosing Birdie Media in favor of their previous suppliers.