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Your Complete Solution for Golf Event Websites, Online Registration, Secure Payments & More!


Whether you have 50 players or 500, BirdEase will save you time and headaches!

It starts with an Automatic Event Website as the promotion, organization, registration, accounting, and payment hub for your entire golf event.  Link to it from your organization website, social media, or forward your own domain name.

Your BirdEase Site will now…

  • Increase event exposure overall with a dedicated website
  • Fill the event faster with easy online registration
  • Sell more sponsors by offering them exposure
  • Get your money faster with numerous online payment options and automated invoicing
  • Keep the whole event organized for the committee and venue with automated reports, emails, and tee sheets
  • Keep in touch with participants or promote for new ones with our free graphic email system
  • Increase revenue with a highly marketable and sponsor promoting site

There are numerous other features and benefits that produce our ability to say ‘YES, and here is how’ for anything your event requires. Custom questions to golfers and registrants, promo codes and discounts, free standing donations, full e-commerce functionality, and the best customer service in the industry!

The BirdEase dashboard holds an unlimited number of separate events, websites, and information. You can manage multiple events at once, and access a previous years information at any time. Call us today at 480-485-8835 or click the link below.

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