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Birdie Media Provides Cutting Edge Solutions For Troon

Troon Selects Birdie Media As Preferred Partner For Tournament Collateral and Custom Tournament Signage Companies Also Collaborating on Creation of TroonTournaments.com as Resource for Event Planners

TroonTournaments.comBirdie Media™ – a leading golf signage company and developer of innovative golf tournament tools, was selected by Troon®, the world’s leading golf course management, development, and marketing company, as a preferred partner for custom tournament signage and event marketing collateral.

Through this partnership, Birdie Media will provide exclusive tournament collateral development for participating Troon managed facilities and will create custom tournament signage for events hosted at Troon destinations. Additionally, Troon and Birdie Media have collaborated on the creation of TroonTournaments.com. The new website is devoted to enhancing offerings for event planners and enable tournament administrators to provide additional sponsorship value for tournaments and events at Troon facilities.

“Golf events offer enormous potential to raise money for charity organizations. Over 900,000 golf tournaments are held in the U.S. annually raising billions of dollars for non-profits”, said Greg Sanchez, co-founder of Birdie Media. “Events and tournaments hosted at Troon courses generated over $23.5 million for charity in 2015. Our customized Troon signage and new TroonTournaments.com will give these charity organizations an additional platform to secure all of their sponsorship signage needs from a single source as well as create a uniqueness for their events that separates them from all others.”

“We’re excited to partner with Birdie Media to create new sales resources for events at Troon managed facilities and create ways for event planners to further personalize their event and show sponsor value,” said Kris Strauss, vice president, sales and marketing, Troon.

About Birdie Media
Headquartered in Chandler, Ariz., Birdie Media is revolutionizing the golf industry and the leader in supplying golf-related products to tournaments, including patent-pending products such as the Birdie Golf Cart Banners, Caddie Cuffs, Pin Cushions and Sinkers. Other products that Birdie Media offers includes tee box signs, welcome banners, pin flags, hole-in-one insurance and more. For more information visit http://BirdieMedia.golf or call 800.218.1205

About Troon
Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., Troon is the world’s largest golf management company, with more than 250 golf courses in its portfolio and also specializing in homeowner association management, private residence clubs, estate management and associated hospitality venues. For additional news and information, visit http://www.Troon.com, or connect with Troon on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Blog, Press Room, or subscribe to Troon Golf & Travel.

Choosing the right charity event signage to properly promote golf sponsors

There are over 1,000,000 charity golf tournaments played annually in the U.S. alone. Sponsorship money covers most of the tournament costs with the remainder going towards the charity or cause. While most sponsors are pleased to donate to a charity they are seeking something in return generally in the form of brand promotion and recognition.

Tee signs, feather flags and welcome banners are popular options to promote but they all lack one important element – mobility. Each is stationed somewhere on the course so they receive message exposure only upon arrival when golfers register or when a group of golfers approaches a hole to tee off. That leaves plenty of downtime when nobody is present to see the signage. In fact, teeing off only accounts for a small percentage of time during a 4 hour round of golf. The rest of the time is spent navigating the course and taking shots to advance in the direction of the flag pin.

Birdie Media took advantage of this inconsistent advertising approach and developed exclusive mobile products that travel with the golfers on each cart so sponsorship is visible for the entire round. Our Birdie Banners attach to the back of each golf cart ensuring that their message is received every time players select or return a club. Birdie CaddieCuffs consist of 3 cylindrical ads positioned at eye-level on the front frame pillars making them nearly impossible to miss.

Positioning signage in a location that is present and visible for the entire golf round greatly improves the chance that sponsors will be seen and remembered. There is a psychological phenomenon known as the “Mere-Exposure Effect” whereas people develop a preference for something simply because it is familiar to them. This effect is also known as the “Familiarity Principle”.

Studies have shown that this relationship extends to a number of things including icons, pictures, words, number sequences, geometric shapes, sounds and illustrations. This effect directly influences people to be more favorable towards something based on the frequency of exposure.

Let’s face it, the primary reason to hold charity golf events is to raise money for a specific cause. Sponsors are a necessity for raising money and supporting the event. If the outcome is successful it will be much easier to retain a previous sponsor than acquire a new one so it is paramount that sponsors are properly represented. Sponsors are much likelier to support future tournaments if they feel that their donation was money well-spent. Attractive premium signage projects class and professionalism and encourages participation and larger donations from future sponsors.

Trust Birdie Media for your next tournament and see how our eye-catching signature products are a more effective promotional option for sponsors.

Partnership with Wigwam Golf Resort

Birdie Media has been busy these past few months partnering with a number of golf clubs in Arizona, California, North Carolina and other states. We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with the historic Wigwam Resort in Goodyear, AZ. The Wigwam is home to three championship golf course offering a challenging experience to any level of player. The Wigwam hosts more golf tournaments per year than any other course in Arizona.

After the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company discovered that cotton extended the life of tires they purchased 16,000 acres in Arizona for cotton farming. They constructed a building known as the Organization House on the site now known as the Wigwam Resort, to offer a place for ranch suppliers to stay. Soon afterward, it was suggested that it would make a terrific place for vacationers and Goodyear executives to vacation. The Wigwam first opened its doors on Thanksgiving Day in 1929, and by 1930, the first nine-hole golf course was created as an amenity for guests. The resort has grown immensely over the past 85 years into a 331-room resort with three championship golf courses.

Today, Wigwam Golf Resort hosts many types of events and golf tournaments for both charities and professionals. Their three championship golf courses offer different challenges for each type of player. We look forward to working closely with their staff to provide a better customer experience for their golf tournaments and charity events. Birdie Media takes the extra initiative to produce more attractive tournament signage ensuring that the sponsor receives value for their donation and the proper recognition they deserve. Choose Birdie Media for your next tournament and see why more and more tournament coordinators are choosing Birdie Media in favor of their previous suppliers.

Birdie Media Launches New Website

Birdie MediaHeadquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Birdie Media Golf Promotions offers monthly golf course advertising on a myriad of golf courses and provides promotional golf products for charity golf tournaments and corporate events. Aaron DeCarlo was looking for new solutions to improve his company’s user experience. “With the rapid expansion of our company we’ve elected to revamp our website to make it easier for customers to find and order the products they need for their golf events,” says DeCarlo, Creative Director and Co-founder of Birdie Media. “Nothing frustrates visitors more than a website that is difficult to navigate or one that is cluttered and unappealing. Our vision is to keep the focus on quality content so users understand our product offerings at a glance,” he continued.

The new site features a traditional vertical menu with stretch-fit graphics that easily conform to the many different devices that will access the information. There is a simplified interface and the site makes use of responsive design. The new website is more flexible than the former version utilizing a fluid grid concept that makes it easier for people to shop with their mobile devices. DeCarlo says the shopping experience has been improved using a products selection experience that is familiar to most users. “We’ve taken the time to expand the product descriptions and highlighted features to provide customers with more useful information so they can make a more educated choice.”

DeCarlo cites Amazon.com as inspiration for their own site. “Obviously, they have figured out how to successfully sell products online as they’ve crafted and perfected their site over the past 20 years. Their search functionality is equally as impressive as their clean interface. We want to emulate certain aspects of their site just on a much smaller scale. As our site evolves we plan to invest a lot of time and energy these next few months to get the interface right and make our products evident to people unfamiliar with our exclusive products. Any golfer who’s played in a tournament knows what typical tee box sign looks like but most aren’t yet familiar with our Birdie Banners or Birdie Caddie Cuffs so educating them on new items in addition to adapting to a new website makes it doubly challenging.”

“We’ve introduced several new innovative products to assist with sponsor advertising during golf events. Each new item needs plenty of advertising on our own site to make it clear how the product works and how it can be advantageous for their sponsors. We’re excited about this system and we plan to continue making improvements as we receive customer feedback.”

Trace 3 Golf Tournament

Trace 3 Sponsored Golf TournamentThe Trace3 Golf Tournament was held at ASU Karsten Golf Course located at 1125 E. Rio Salado Pkwy in Tempe, AZ. This tournament was generously supported by their business partners: Juniper, EMC, NetApp, Symantec, F5, Riverbed, Simplicity, Hitachi, Avnet, and Aruba. And a special thanks to Bank of America for matching each sponsorship donation.

This was the 8th annual Trace3 Golf Tournament which coincidentally happened to be held on May 8th, 2015. Nearly 100 golfers and volunteers descended on the course early Friday morning with excitement and anticipation all to benefit the Susan G. Komen charity. Thank you to everyone that helped Trace3 raise money for a very deserving charity and we look forward to next year’s event!


Chicanos Por La Causa 20th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament

Chicanos Golf TournamentThe 20th annual Chicanos Por La Causa Scholarship Golf Tournament was held at Troon’s Whirlwind Golf Course located at 5692 West North Loop Road in Chandler, AZ. This long-running golf tournament was presented by Food City and other sponsors included BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona, Lovitt & Touche, Coors Light and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

This was the 20th annual Scholarship Golf Tournament held on February 20th, 2015. This golf tournament is one of the top charity golf tournaments in the entire state of Arizona raising money for their youth programs. These programs offer at-risk Latino students workshops about the importance of education, leadership and cultural pride. These scholarship provide these students the ability to achieve their dreams and reach their full potential in life.

Chicanos Golf Tournament